News anyone?

I saw Ethel today and she’s excited to hear news — any news.  What’s up with your kids?  Your job? Your spouse? Planning a trip? Nothing (ok, almost nothing) is too mundane.

I’ll start.  Forgot to tell you Ethel that I went to the Jewish Heritage Museum on Lombard St this weekend to see my friend Loring Cornish’s mosaic exhibit.  Lately his work has represented the Holocaust and salvery.  I was so proud to see his work displayed somewhere other than the farmer’s market and his house.  The exhibit runs until July if anyone is interested.  Google and him and look for pictures of his amazing two houses near Mondawmin — they’re mosaic’d floor to ceiling inside and out.  If you drive by and he’s home he’ll let you in and he’s having an open house in April or May if anyone wants info.  The museum was packed to the gills and when I first saw Loring he said “Look Ma, I made it.”  I nearly cried (either from pride or because I realized I am old enough to be his ma).  His parents were there and you can only imagine how they felt.   Laurie

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Hello world!

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